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Gene Marie Bohuslav and the Moravia Picnic

Garlic Soup

I'm sitting at my dining table eating a bowl of garlic soup and thinking about my great grandfather, Alois J. Morkovsky. The story my mother tells me is that he would ask my grandmother to make the soup for him when he was feeling under the weather, like coming down with a cold.  (He lived with her and her family in his later years.) I have friends in the Czech Republic who recommend the same treatment (eating garlic) for a cold along with tying a scarf around ones neck.

The soup I'm eating today evolved over the last week or so. On Sunday, the 30th, I went to Hallettsville for the annual Morkovsky reunion where I got several people to tell me stories about Alois Morkovsky. My parents and I stayed at my grandmother's house (she passed in January of 2012) and I helped my parents make roast pork, a squash casserole, and potatoes with butter and onions for the event. When it came time to drain the water from boiling the potatoes, both my mother and I had the same idea - to sa…