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Peach, Pear, Poppy, Prune, Pecan

Last week I did a kolach-making demo at the monthly meeting of the Austin Czech Historical Association (ACHA.) I was worried that I'd be "preaching to the choir", so thought I'd focus my attention on filings rather than the basics of how to bake kolaches. Poeple tend to make the big three at home (prune, apricot, cheese) and though I'm not a fan of non-traditional fillings, there are others that are worthy of being made. I was actually surprised by how few people at the meeting raised their hand when I asked who made kolaches themselves. I did end up talking about the whole process, but did a handout of assorted filling recipes I'd collected.  

For the demo, I made prune, cottage cheese, cabbage, and poppyseed fillings. The cabbage and prune fillings were very good and I've included them below. One older man at the meeting tasted the cabbage filling from the bowl and smiled as if he was momentarily transported back to his childhood. It is not a taste for e…