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Persimmon Cookies

Over the holidays, a coworker (thanks Shari!) brought several bags of persimmons into the office to give away from a tree in her yard that she and her husband had planted at least a decade ago. (For great information on the fruit, see MM Pack's article in Edible Austin.) I'm guessing my coworker's were the Hachiya variety of Asian persimmon.... large and bright orangey-red. I feel like I should have memories of eating persimmons or seeing them in a family member's yard, but I don't. Like a piece of music that sounds so familiar, but you just can't decide if you've really heard it before, the fruit must have been on the peripheral of my childhood, but didn't feature prominently.

My Uncle Bobby relayed this memory from his childhood in Hallettsville in Lavaca County... "We had a wild persimmon tree when we were growing up in the corner of the yard by the motel. The wild ones are very small, but tasty, and I remember eating them when they were ripe. Da…