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Past Projects

Article - Beyond the Czech-ered Cloth (about Texas Czech Church Picnics)
Edible Austin, Outdoor 2016 issue

Speaker - Texas Czech Foodways: More than Kolaches
Texas Folklore Society's 100th Annual Meeting
April 2016 in Austin, TX

Panel Discussion Participant - Gender Roles in Texas Czech Home Kitchens

Texas Foodways Annual Symposium
April 2016 in Austin, TX 

Co-Curator - Texas Czechs: Rooted in Tradition 
A multi-media exhibit that celebrates the rich culture of Texans of Czech decent. by highlighting current ethnic traditions and community activities through text, photography, film, and objects. Read an article about the exhibit here.
  • La Retama Library, Corpus Christi, TX - October 2016-February 2017
  • Capitol Visitors Center, Austin, TX - Jan-June 2016
  • Czech Heritage Musuem, Temple, TX - Oct-Dec 2015
  • Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio, TX - June-Sept 2015
  • Lavaca Historical Museum, Hallettsville, TX - May 2015
  • Czech Center Museum Houston - Jan-April 2015
  • Museum of the Coastal Bend, Victoria, TX - Oct-Dec 2014
Co-Producer - Big Czechs, Little Czechs
An afternoon of family activities that featured food, language, kroj, music, genealogy, and dance

  • Austin, TX - June 2016
  • Temple, TX - October 2015
  • San Antonio, TX - July 2015
Panel Discussion Moderator - Cross-Cultural Food Connections
October 2014 at the Museum of the Coastal Bend in Victoria, TX

Speaker - Texas Czech Foodways: A Cultural Legacy
for the Texas Czech Genealogical Society's program "From the Ship to the Plow"
June 2014 in Temple, TX

Panel Discussion Moderator - Czech and German Food in Texas: A Mixed Marriage

Texas Polka Festival and Symposium
February 2014 in Schulenburg, TX

Speaker - Chili, Kolaches and Cornbread: Traditional Food in Central Texas

with Mary Margaret Pack and Toni Tipton-Martin at the annual conventions of:
  • International Association of Culinary Professionals, 2011 in Austin, TX
  • Les Dames d'Escoffier, 2013 in Austin, TX
Published Recipes
  • Kolaches in The Austin Food Blogger Alliance Cookbook, 2013
  • Eastern-European Sauerkraut in Cooking with Les Dames d'Escoffier: At Home with the Women Who Shape the Way We Eat and Drink, 2008
Curator of the Texas Food and Wine Program
at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival

2008 in Washington, D.C.

Curator - The Welcoming Table photography exhibition (photos by Ella Gant)

for Texas Folklife in Austin, TX and Rockport, TX

Producer/Presenter - The Art of Food cooking class series

for Texas Folklife at Central Market North in Austin, TX

Feature Writer - Vsichni ke Stolu (Everyone to the Table)
In the Texas Czech Genealogical Society's quarterly publication, the Cesky Stopy. It explored Texas Czech food with research, recipes, and TCGS member highlights. 

Cooking Classes and Demonstrations
Central Market North, Austin, TX and Austin Czech Historical Association meeting, Austin, TX

Panel Discussion Moderator - Czech Food to Go
With Colombian Czech Eva Campo-Bartoskova, Texas Czechs Renee Butler and her son Nicholas Maresh, and Czech ex-patriot Marie Mann
February 2015 at the Czech Center Museum Houston

Panel Discussion participant - Family Dinners 
with cookbook author Caroline Campion, and AFBA bloggers Michelann Quimby and Stacey Rider
September 2013 at Book People in Austin, TX

Judge at the Caldwell Kolache Festival Bake Show
2011 and 2013 in Caldwell, TX

Cooking/Growing Tent Trail Boss at the Renewable Energy Roundup
2012 and 2013 in Fredericksburg, TX

Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival
(now the Austin Food and Wine Festival)
2004-2007 (Director in 2006 and 2007) in Austin, TX

Foodways Presenter for Louisiana Cooks
at the Louisiana Folklife Festival
1996 and 1997 in Monroe, Louisiana

Foodways Presenter for Texas-Czech Cooks
at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
1995 in Washington, D.C.


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Buchta with Nuts and Raisins

In his photo book Journeys into Czech Moravian Texas, author Sean N. Gallup wrote a few paragraphs about food in contemporary Texas- Czech culture. During his fieldwork, he observed "Other Texas-Czech pastries [besides kolaches] include klobasniky.... and buchta, a larger fruit filled loaf.... " (Texas A&M University Press, 1998).

Though my grandmother made an apricot buchta (or she just called it a roll), more common buchty might be poppyseed or cream cheese. Less common seems to be the buchta I've made filled with nuts and raisins. The Czech word "buchta" doesn't seem to be surviving as well as the word "kolach" either, for though Gallup mentions it third in a list of common Texas Czech pastries, I've found it almost impossible to find a recipe in a community cookbook that actually uses the word buchta. Instead, I find recipes for "rolls".  Still, Westfest actually has a buchta category in it's annual baking contest. And po…

Summer Canning

Yesterday, I opened a jar of pickled brussel sprouts and carrots that I made a few weeks ago. I don't can often and wish I did more. The satisfying pull of the lid coming off the first time and the whiff of vinegar and garlic should inspire me more. But, I'm lulled into laziness because I always have something put up by my parents in either my fridge or pantry - beets, pickled this or that, jelly, tomatoes, salsa, flavored vinegar. I know I'll greatly miss the benefits of their industriousness when they decide it's too much trouble. 

Both my parents grew up in families that canned and, in that way it seems people of their generation can remember small details of growing up (they actually showed up for their lives as opposed to watching other's live lives on screens 24/7), they lovingly remember specific foods and tastes from specific family members.

My mother, who grew up in Hallettsville, remembers enjoying garlic pickles (spears), sweet and sour pickles (spears), b…


Vánočka (braided Czech yeast bread made for Christmas) may be one of the least changed recipes in it’s 140 plus years in Texas. In fact, I found one recipe in the K.J.T. Centennial Cookbook of 1989 (included in both English and Czech) that states the recipe is over 100 years old (“Vanocka – Czech Christmas Twist” by Ella Orsak Evanicky, who wrote that she made the bread just like her mother, who died in 1949, did.) The vánočka I made this year looked exactly like that of a friend’s mother who immigrated from the Czech Republic with great knowledge of traditional baking and exactly like a picture in cookbook I bought in the Czech Republic called “Czech Cookery” by Slovart Publishing, 2000. Even the recipes I found in Czech-American cookbooks from Iowa mirror those I found in Texas Czech community cookbooks and the few English language Czech cookbooks I have. Interestingly the four cookbooks I have in Czech specifically from the Valašsko region of Moravia, from where so many Texas Czech…